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Just over 20 years ago, Tiger Woods turned professional to a lot of speculation and hype.  Within the first seven events, Tiger had won twice on the PGA Tour.  The legend had performed.  But instead of talking about what “he” had achieved, he spoke about his “TEAM”.  Tiger created a “TEAM” of individuals that have helped him in areas of specialization, like, Butch Harmon for golf instruction, Steve Williams for golf course knowledge and caddying, and Keith Kleven for his fitness.  These gentleman, on his TEAM, helped Tiger Woods prepare his body, mind, and golf preparation in becoming the best in the world.  Today, every touring professional has built a TEAM of trusted advisors in same way Tiger initiated the trend in 1996.  But, building a TEAM has expanded into mini tour professionals, collegiate players, top amateurs and junior golfers.  The playing field for juniors to earn collegiate scholarships has become more difficult.  Twenty five years ago, if a senior in high school was competitive scores of 79 consistently, the player had an excellent chance to earn some type of scholarship.  Today, a player needs to be shooting mid-to-low 70’s in competition to earn a college scholarship.  And many of these juniors have developed a TEAM of trusted advisors to help achieve their dreams of playing at the next level.  I want to invite your child to participate in our TEAM concept; The Pod.

The Pod is a new total coaching solution for serious juniors with a desire to reach their full potential.  The Pod concept is group instruction with a student to teacher ratio of 6:1.  The Pod will cover your child’s:


Several research studies have been completed on the benefits of group instruction versus individual instruction.  Their results showed an overwhelming improvement for the student in group instruction versus individual instruction.  Our total coaching solution is new to the Savannah area, but is dominant in areas like Orlando, Texas and California.  The Pod is a comprehensive golf training program incorporating every aspect of taking the student’s game to the next level.


The Pod concept activities include:

  • 90-minute weekly session on Saturday afternoons
  • Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Fitness Evaluation and exercise & stretching routine
  • Mental Golf Profile test with once per month mental coaching
  • V1 Swing Analysis of student’s swing
  • V1 Electronic Locker; a collection of every video analysis and drills located in online
  • Golf Club Evaluation and Fitting
  • One 50-minute Parent / Student conferences
  • Development of your student in leadership and character skills
  • Individualized, written game plan for improvement with accountability for your child


The Pod is an all-encompassing package.

 Our price is $600 a semester or $160 per month for four (4) payments during the semester.

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