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It’s hard to know where to start with the ASWING Junior Golf program. First off you have Coach Paul who is great with the kids and always strive to make the program better.  He not only focuses on making great golfer but also instills a sense of responsibility and learning in his program.  And to make it even better the Golf program is great about hosting tournaments and clinics for the kids on a regular basis. So you actually get to put what you have learned on the course.  Let me mention a few more things we really like.

  • Bad weather no problem class inside
  • Buy One get one Range Balls…
  • Summer Junior Golf Competitions
  • Personal Attention

Theses are just a few things we appreciate and look forward to enjoying with the ASWING Junior Golf Academy.

The Perrys !!!

My daughter Jordan began taking part in the A.S.W.I.N.G. Junior golf clinics last Spring. Jordan was part of Coach Paul’s “all girl” class and it was wonderful!  Jordan had only played putt putt a few times and she didn’t even own any clubs. But, after the first few lessons, the golf bug bit her and she asked for her own set of golf clubs for her birthday this past August!  Since continuing with the clinics this past Fall, the “all girl” class has been dissolved and Jordan is usually the only girl in the Cyclone clinic on Tuesday afternoons. Coach Paul and his assistant Coach Matt have gone above and beyond to make Jordan feel welcome and comfortable at each Tuesday session.  Coach Paul’s enthusiasm and creative exercise techniques are the key to his programs success. The children genuinely seem to have a good time out on the green as their laughter can be heard from the parking lot!!

What I have noticed the most is Jordan’s self confidence has blossomed as she has had to “hold her own” in a class full of boys. She eagerly waits for Tuesdays to roll around and can’t wait to attend another class. Most recently she played 9 holes of golf with her Daddy and actually beat him!!  We appreciate Coach Paul’s time, efforts and energy that he puts forth with not only our daughter but with all of his students.

Glenn & Melenie Dyess  (Jordan)

The ASWING Junior Golf Academy has truly been a blessing to our family. Our children Peyton and Ivy have enjoyed working with Coach Paul. We moved here in April 2010 from Prattville, Alabama. Our son Peyton, took golf in Prattville at what we thought was an excellent program. As good as it was though, Paul’s program is so much better in so many ways. Coach Paul has an individualized plan for each child. No two children are the same in growth and ability and he makes sure they are taught on their level. Your child may be in a class with several others but they are all learning at different speeds. Coach Paul is very good with the children and they have a blast. To have a good golf game, it is not just about swinging the club, it also involves strength, balance, and motivation. This program combines all of the aspects to make the end result well-rounded. We appreciate everything Paul does and consider ourselves fortunate to be a part of this outstanding program.

Jeff and Karyn Lindsey

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